Dine In Menu

We have more than hundred and thirty items in our menu for our dear customers. Our dine-in menu fits right into the needs & likes of our unique dietary customers, e.g., vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, halal and non-vegetarians. Note: Please let your server know about your any allergy of individual dietary concerns before the order.

Indian Appetizers

  • Indian Style Chicken Pakora

    Chicken Pakora

    Shredded chicken deep fried in a chickpea batter.

  • Cocktail Sheekh Kebab

    Cocktail Kebab

    Chunky pieces of Sheekh Kebab made with a thick creamy sauce.

  • Mutton Rolls

    Mutton Rolls

    Curried mutton and potatoes rolled and deep fried in a pancake.

  • Onion Bhajia

    Onion Bhajia

    Cumin and coriander scented onion fritters.

  • Samosa-Two-Pieces


    Deep fried flaky pastry with a filling of mixed vegetables.

  • Vegge Sprinng Rolls

    Veg Spring Rolls

    Stuffed with Indian style vegetables and deep fried.

  • Vegge Pakora

    Veggie Pakora

    An assortment of vegetables deep fried in a chickpea batter.



  • Daal Soup - Yellow lentils soup

    Daal Soup

    Soup made with lentils.

  • Mulagatawny-Soup

    Mulagatawny Soup

    A popular South Indian soup with minced chicken and vegetables served hot to your taste.


Indian Appetizer Mixed Platters

  • Non vege Platter

    Non Veggie

    Samosa, Chicken Pakora, Sheekh Kebab and Veggie Pakora.

  • Best indian food Vegge Platter


    Samosa, Onion bhajia, Vegetable Pakora and Spring Roll


Little India Veg. & Meat Combos

Little Indian Tandoori Specials -BBQed in Indian Style Clay Oven (Part of the main course)

Daily Special (Full Six Course Meal)

  • Little India Special for two people

    Specials for One

  • Little India Special for two people

    Specials for Two


Chicken Dishes (Part of the main course)

  • Buuter Chicken

    Butter Chicken

    Boneless tender chicken in a creamy tomato sauce with a mellow flavor.

  • Chicken Jalfrezi

    Chicken cooked with tomato, onion and green peppers.

  • Chicken-Korma

    Chicken Korma

    Chicken cooked in a mild curry sauce with cream, cashewnuts and saffron.

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    Barbecued boneless chicken in a delicious sauce.

  • Chicken Vindaloo

    Hot and spicy chicken curry (a Goan specialty)

  • Madras Chicken

    Traditional South Indian style chicken cooked with coconut milk.

  • Saag Chicken

    Saag Chicken

    Chicken cooked with fresh spinach.

  • Best Indian Shahi Chicken

    Shahi Chicken

    White chicken meat cooked in Shai Korma Sauce


Lamb & Beef Specialties(Part of the main course)

Indian Style Seafood Dishes(Part of the main course)

Indian Vegetable Dishes (Part of the main course)

  • Aloo Gobhi

    Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with fresh tomatoes, ginger, garlic and spices.

  • Paneer Makhni

    Aloo matar

    Homemade cottage cheese stewed in a creamy butter sauce.

  • Aloo Mattar

  • Indian vegetable Okra dish

    Bhindi Masala

    Fresh okra cooked with garlic, ginger, onions and tomato sauce.

  • Indian Food -Chana-Masala

    Chana Masala

    Tasty chickpeas cooked in a spicy ginger tomato sauce

  • Daal


    A puree of lentils with spices and herbs – perfect with white rice or Indian bread.

  • Eggplant-Bhartha

    Eggplant Bharta

    Exotic, grilled eggplant cooked with tomatoes, onions and various spices.

  • Fresh-Garden-Salad

    Garden Salad

  • Lime Pickle

    Lime Pickle

  • Malai-Kofta

    Malai Kofta

    Homemade cottage cheese balls deep-fried and served in a creamy cashew sauce.

  • Mango-Chutney

    Mango Chutney

  • indian Style Manago Pickle

    Mango Pickle


Indian Style Breads (Part of the main course)

  • Kashmiri-Naan

    Kashmiri Naan

    Stuffed with cashew nuts and dried fruits.

  • Plain Pratha

    Plain Paratha

    Multi-layered whole wheat bread cooked in clay oven.

  • Little India Special Naan

    Special Naan

    Stuffed with chopped chicken and cooked in our tandoori oven.

  • Onion Kulcha

    Onion Kulcha

    Delicious tandoori bread baked with onions and cumin.

  • Garlic Naan Bread

    Garlic Naan

    Topped with fresh garlic, coriander and mango powder.

  • Traditional Indian Naan Bread


    Traditional Indian white flour bread prepared in our tandoori oven.

  • Roti


    Pan seared whole wheat flat bread.

  • Aloo Pratha

    Aloo Paratha

    Puffy pastry with rich flaky layers and a filling of curried potato.


Indian Rice Specialties(Part of the main course)

  • Beef Biryani - Indian Food in Torono

    Beef Biryani

    beef cubes marinated with spices and steam cooked with basmati rice.

  • Indian Cumin seed rice - Zera Rice

    Zeera Rice

    Basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds

  • Best Indian Rice - Peas pullao Rice

    Peas Pulao Rice

    Basmati rice cooked with peas

  • Shrimp Biryani

    Shrimp Biryani

    Shrimp cooked in basmati rice with Indian spices and seasonings.

  • Lamb Biryani

    Lamb Biryani

    Lamb cubes marinated with spices and steam cooked with basmati rice.

  • Chicken-Biryani

    Chicken Biryani

    Boneless chicken marinated with spices and steam cooked with basmati rice.

  • Vegetable-Biryani

    Veg Biryani

    Curry flavoured rice, stir-fried with vegetables.

  • Indian Pulao Rice

    Pulao Rice

    Basmati rice seasoned with spices and steam cooked.

  • Steamed Indian long grain rice.

    Steamed Rice


South Indian Specialties(Full Meal Dish)


  • Iced-Tea

    Iced Tea

  • Milk

    Lassi (Salted)

    Yogurt and milk blended with cardamom and rose water

  • Indian yougart drink Sweet Lassi

    Lassi (Sweet)

  • Mango-Lassi

    Mango Lassi

    Lassi with fresh mango pulp.

  • Milk


  • Perrier-Water

    Perrier Water

  • soft-drinks

    Soft Drinks

  • spring-water

    Spring Water


Indian Desserts

  • Gulab Jamin - Indian Dessert

    Gulab Jamun

    Sweet dumpling in a sugar syrup.

  • Rice-Pudding Indian Dessert


    Indian rice pudding.

  • Rasmalai


    A Bengal specialty made with cottage cheese balls soaked in sweetened cream.


You can also download our full dine-in menu @ Best Indian Food -Full Dine In Menu -Little India

Now the question is ‘What kids can have from our hot & spicy Indian food menu? Since there are some mild dishes on our menu and some of the dishes can be cooked with very mild spices. So you can always let your server know, and he will take care of our little guests:)