• Indian Style Chicken Pakora

    Chicken Pakora

    Shredded chicken deep fried in a chickpea batter.

  • Cocktail Sheekh Kebab

    Cocktail Kebab

    Chunky pieces of Sheekh Kebab made with a thick creamy sauce.

  • Mutton Rolls

    Mutton Rolls

    Curried mutton and potatoes rolled and deep fried in a pancake.

  • Onion Bhajia

    Onion Bhajia

    Cumin and coriander scented onion fritters.

  • Samosa-Two-Pieces


    Deep fried flaky pastry with a filling of mixed vegetables.

  • Vegge Sprinng Rolls

    Veg Spring Rolls

    Stuffed with Indian style vegetables and deep fried.

  • Vegge Pakora

    Veggie Pakora

    An assortment of vegetables deep fried in a chickpea batter.